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Claim Agents
Claim Agents We act as Agents of Claims of international insurance companies.
Costa Rica


Be the leader in the technical management of claims in the country.


Provide the best inspection, adjustment, settlement and recovery service with timely and effective attention, by providing clients our capacity and experience, ensuring an honest job and professional service.


  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Expedite attention without sacrificing quality
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MOLLER DE CENTRO AMERICA, SA. (MOLLERCEN) was established in 1988 under Costa Rican law, to provide technical and professional services for damage inspection and loss adjustment and settlement for the international insurance industry, especially in the line of cargo or merchandise insurance.

San Jose Costa Rica As loss adjusters appointed by the cargo insurers and cargo owners, our technical staff investigates the background, causes, and circumstances of the event, establishes the extent of the damages and determines the value of the loss to compensate.

MOLLERCEN was created as part of the MOLLER GROUP which at that time had offices in Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia and Peru, but has now expended to Honduras and Mexico. Being part of MOLLER GROUP allowed us to make international connections mainly with Europe and the United States of America.

Since its founding until the mid-2000, the company's business was focused on managing cargo insurance claims due to the existence of the insurance monopoly in Costa Rica in other lines of insurance.

Puerto Caldera de Costa Rica However, some multinational companies operating in the country that had global insurance programs with companies outside Costa Rica requested our services for the attention of events. Consequently, we gradually developed technical staff in the management of property and casualty insurance claims, such as fire, theft, natural events, and civil liability.

The negotiation, subscription, and ratification of the Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Central American countries and the Dominican Republic, encouraged in 2003 the discussion to break the insurance monopoly in Costa Rica, culminating in 2008 with the Insurance Market Regulation Law, which allows the entry, establishment, and operation of international insurance companies.

The opening of the insurance market in Costa Rica brought a great challenge and a great opportunity for MOLLERCEN, which consolidated the company's business in lines of insurance other than maritime, such as fire and allied lines, technical insurance such as machinery breakage and contractor equipment among others, as well as civil liability cases, banking and loyalty.

In 2006, in recognition of our trajectory, professionalism and good quality service, we were appointed AIMU correspondents (English acronym for American Institute of Marine Underwriters) to Costa Rica.

In like manner, the CESAM organization, french acronym for Research and Services Committee for Insurance Companies Maritime and Transport of France (Comité d'Etudes et de Services et des Transports Maritimes Assureurs) appointed us as their agent in Costa Rica since 2010.

With the representation of both organizations, our technical reports have international accreditation for use in any claim on an insurance policy or action against third parties liable for damages.

Our inspectors and adjusters have extensive experience in insurance and other professional fields that complement their professional expertise to carry out their duties.

MOLLERCEN has been characterized by an honest and reliable service with world-class service standards.

We also have a presence in Nicaragua, through a local representative who depends on the office in San Jose.